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Zen Insure Your Reliable Advisor Always
By using this website, users and viewers are deemed to have consented to the collection and use of information by Zen Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd.

Zen Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd is committed to the protection and maintenance of the confidentiality of any information sent by you to us. We undertake every possible step within our range for the protection of your information and ensure that you enjoy a safe online experience.

Our Privacy Policy discloses as to how we handle information disclosed by you on your visit to this Website.

Information collected by Zen Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd includes your domain name, date and time of access to website, internet address which linked you to our website and the pages visited by you. The said information will be kept confidential and used only for the following purposes:
  • For processing and assessment of your application/claims.
  • For meeting legal requirements (if any).
  • For protecting and defending ourselves or our Affiliates' rights, interests or property.
Under no circumstances, shall we sell or transfer your information to unaffiliated third parties except where we believe in good faith it must be disclosed to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory processes, OR to protect the rights of other users.

Users must exercise responsibility while keying personal information. The nature of the Internet makes it possible for any third party to access or see the information that is being transmitted by the user. This may lead to misuse of the information. In the event of such a thing happening, the user assumes sole responsibility.

Hypertext Links
This website may contain or offer links to other sites. However, we do not assume any responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of material present in such sites OR for the usage of data or information gathered from such sites by you OR for any direct or indirect damages suffered by you from access to such sites. By accessing another website through a hypertext link, you are deemed to have accepted such access at your own risk. 

Furthermore, we wish to draw your notice to the use of public forums wherein you may be asked to disclose your identity or e-mail address. Such information, if given, enters the public domain and may be used by any third party using the service. In the event of misuse of such information by a third party, you assume sole responsibility.

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to the user’s browser from a Web server and stored on user’s computer hard drive.

This website automatically captures IP addresses and we use such IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our server, administer our website, and to ensure the security of our users interacting with our website. In addition, we use cookies to store and sometimes track information about the users.

Children are prohibited from accessing our website
This site is not to be accessed by any user below 18 years of age. Under no circumstances, such a user is advised or encouraged to use any of our services mentioned in this website NOR can such a user submit any personal information.

However, this does not in any way prohibit information on such users provided by their parents with respect to any product or service offered by Zen Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd, and the same of which are designed for the benefit of such users.

Changes to Privacy Policy
Zen Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd. reserves the right to change this policy at any time, wherein we deem it must be done so. In the event of such changes being done, the same will be posted on a date announced by us on the site. Where the site is updated with changes either regularly or periodically, we do not guarantee at any time, that this site will reflect the latest amendments/ information.

Also, the content of this website shall not be displayed or printed in any form either in part or whole without the prior written approval of Zen Insurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd.

NOTE: The policies outlined in this website are not intended to NOR do they create any contractual or other legal rights in favour of any user or viewer of this website OR on behalf of any third party.

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